Live. Laugh. Luge.

I have put together a little entertainment on by running a little text based email for myself.

It's not open to the outside world (except, obviously, incoming and outgoing email). I'm using SynchroNet and MXGuarddog – the Postini Alternative.

#Joy #TextOnly

In the spirit of Spring Cleaning and the shut-in effect of the quarantine kicking in hard, I decided to do a few things.

It started off with cleaning out the air conditioner (spoiler : never do this) and it ended with a plan on securing up my domains.

Having had since the late 90s, spammers do try and forge the domain. Granted since 2018 I've had the DMARC policy set to quarantine (lol) and it seemed to have helped from seeing the DMARC reports but with all this COVID-19 SPAM I decided to do my part to prevent bullshit from propagating (and no, no matter what Karen from YouTube says, 5G does not propagate or cause COVID-19.)

I have my next set of core domains to be set to the reject policy very soon.

Right now has a pretty good score on deliverability on at 87% (not having IPv6 mail servers does kick you down a bit, and ProtonMail hasn't yet phased out some of the older TLS stock.

Previously I wasn't able to have DNSSEC with my previous and long time registrar so I had to move it to a new one not long ago so I could implement that. I've also got to reimplement HSTS, but that's a job for another day.

What wonderful news, I can hear my inner 17-year-old self say. After losing my personal domain back in the early 2000s to the horrid Michael “Mikey” Yack from I managed to get it back.

Granted it took many years, but it's the principle of it all. What do I plan on doing with it ? No idea, maybe make a homage to how much I detest Mikey Yack, but I already did that for a while on

While it's not a massive victory, by literally any stretch of the imagination, it's kind of the same feeling I got when I managed to get MrMan.NET on a domain auction from Dynadot in 2014.

Let's see all the old accounts I still have attached to my old email address now...

I remembered when writing my domains page under the domains4sale part, that I needed an example of general assholery so I reached back into my mind and remembered that guy. Mikey Yack.

I still hate this guy, back when I was in school I ran a personal website when it was kind of cool. And I got to a point where I could no longer afford the registration of my domain

Well, Mikey Yack attacked and hoarded it for many years. In fact, much like China, I outwaited that prick and I have it back now.

Ever since then, I can't stand domain douches like that. Yeah nobody is going to pay 15k for Get real.

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